Selected functions

Here is a small selection of the functions directly supported by signageFOX. Please note that some features are not available in all license models.

Distribute video content

Display your TV commercials, corporate videos and short films on your POS screens - without any fuss and simultaneously everywhere.

Business tickers

The screens always show a ticker with the latest company news or offers, which isn't only interesting to customers.

On Time advertising

You determine when and where content will be shown. Promotions can be timed to fit in perfectly with your marketing strategy.

Localised content

All the screens in your network can show either identical content, or specific regional promotions or local offers.

Refinancing through advertising

All media items displayed are recorded statistically. Sell advertising time to your business partners to boost their image.

Split screen display

Screens can be split into several zones and display various items simultaneously, attracting more attention.